Spring is here – well almost – and in New York the shop windows are filling up with stick-thin models in unbelievably skimpy outfits. You mights as well wear your underpants and a napkin draped across your chest and save the money on a new spring/summer wardrobe.

Its to the point where I feel a bit awkward about how much ‘ass’ I see when I leave the house. I mean, good for you if you’ve got a great butt, but woman-to-woman, showing it off that much feels a bit try-hard to me. Isn’t the point to surprise the guy (or girl) in a good way with how sexy your body is after he’s earned the right to see it by being your friend, taking you out for coffee, dinner etc…?

It took me until my mid twenties to realize that its not that big a deal to turn someone on – we are horny people folks – the big deal is to have someone really care about you, BIG difference!

So, please consider covering up your ass cheeks and bringing them for special occasions only – trips to Starbucks, no matter how much you love your coffee, don’t count.

How are you feeling about the impending season of showing off more of your bod?

Are you hitting the gym hard to get ready?

Are you feeling good just the way you are?

One things for sure, in New York we will see it all: butt cleavage to hijabs. Where do you fall on that spectrum? 



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