Oprah’s calling!

Well, they want to use the ‘Body Evolution’ video in their show about ‘Anti-Aging’ anyway : ) According to the producer I talked to Cameron Diaz and Sharon Stone are going to be on the show discussing anti-aging and our video.

At first I felt annoyed. What do these two genetically gifted women really know about the struggle to stay beautiful? Not only do they start out more beautiful than most of us, they can afford 250 dollar (plus) dye jobs to hide grays. They can afford personal trainers. They can afford to take the time off work to ‘work-out.’ They can afford Botox, fillers and plastic surgery…

Celebrities have it easier when it comes to aging.

Or do they?

Celebrities have to age in close-ups, for millions of people to see. Now that’s pressure. 

I was recently at a dinner with two big-time industry agents and an industry lawyer and they were talking about Cameron Diaz. What they were saying about her wasn’t kind: “She was known for her looks, she can’t really act and now she looks bad. She’s done” They said it matter-of-factly. Was this the real reason Cameron Diaz was promoting a book about ‘Health and Beauty’ and discussing the topic of ‘aging’ in the media; was she fighting to stay relevant? Was she trying to stay ahead of the critics by doing press about how its ok to age so people were less likely to judge her for aging.

Did Cameron Diaz ‘make it’ in Hollywood – at least in part – due to her looks? Will people still want to see her on screen when she no longer looks incredibly youthfully beautiful? Will her acting talent and character be enough?

Is she only now facing what most of us have faced our whole lives, the knowledge that we aren’t the most beautiful girl in room?

Is it harder to age when you are known for your beauty? Please let me know your thoughts on this subject!!

 For more on the topic watch OWN on Sunday March 15th.




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