I vomited eleven times Monday night. Aggressively. It was one of those bugs where I couldn’t make it to the bathroom and just being honest folks, it was coming out both ends. And the only thought that gave me any comfort at the time was: “Hey, I might loose some baby weight from this.” I am not proud of this thought! I know how bad this type of thinking is. But it was the only thing that gave me comfort as I lay there in my own bodily fluids, praying the ‘moment-before-the vomit,’ aka, the WORST physical sensation ever, wouldn’t return; and when it did, thoughts of weight-loss comforted me when nothing else could. I am a sick woman. In more ways than one. 


2 thoughts on “SICK WOMAN!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! Poor kewpie! I hope you get better real soon–sounds like the flu to me. Note: The hunger will return once the flu goes away–at least it felt like that to me last time I had the flu (2001, and I hope I never get it again).

  2. Jerry Reider says:

    I REALLY feel sorry for you as I PERFECTLY know that terrible feeling. Once I went through a 7-vomit sequence myself and what worried me most was the notion that I could actually worsen off. The great risk of that trauma is becoming dehydrated, being that it’s a life-threatening condition. Please accept my best wishes for a prompt recovery and try taking care of yourself the best you can to make sure not falling prey of such an horrendous experience again.

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