A Little Disclaimer (Before I write about the Hollywood Premiere.)

Its hard to write a blog where the theme is ‘body image’ without sounding self-centered.

And vain… And shallow…

I wonder: do we worry so much about how we look because its easier than worrying about the more difficult/complex problems in the world? For example, why are we worrying about our weight when we ‘should’ be finding a solution for the situation in Syria?

I admit, I often feel powerless when it comes to fixing things out there in the world; there is so much corruption. And some problems seemingly have no solution… But I’m also scared that if I do get involved in trying to fix something really ‘dark’ (child sex trafficking for example) something bad will happen to me. I’m scared to go there (mentally, emotionally and physically.) But surely that’s what we are meant to do: tackle the big problems. Leave the world better than how we found it.

I’m just putting this out there as a sort of disclaimer: I do want to make a difference with this blog, with you, with our little community that is interested in freeing women (and men) from the pressure to look perfect. I just hope this beauty pressure counts as a ‘big’ problem and I’m not getting this ‘wrong.’

After interviewing hundreds of women around the world there is no denying that women are spending hours every day worrying about how they look. Imagine what could we achieve if we replaced that time worrying about our appearance with other more productive thoughts: would women write and enforce better laws, would women come up with brilliant solutions to very difficult and complex problems, would the world be a better place?

And would it be scarier to be judged for what we are doing rather than how we look?

I think its time for me to research women making a difference in the world and get inspired. Hopefully, their strength and bravery will remind me that women are capable of incredible things, that I can be brave, that you and I can help to fix the big, scary, hard problems – even though we are constantly being told that our real purpose in life is to be beautiful. x

P.S. I googled ‘Amazing Women’ and look what came up in images… Is it any wonder some of us get confused and feel afraid?



One thought on “A Little Disclaimer (Before I write about the Hollywood Premiere.)

  1. There aren’t many people these days who are fighting any good fight… and the fight you’ve chosen (about women and the standard of beauty that the corporate world has imposed upon them) is definitely a good one to fight. That’s one of the things that make you and Tim such a great couple… you do more than just state an opinion about a given issue, you get actively involved in it.

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