HOT Pregnant Girls

This is a girl I know (see picture below.) She is friends with friends of mine and she’s always been very sweet to me whenever I’ve run into her. I am in no way trying to bring her down with this post. I simply want to speak about how her feature makes me feel.

Ashleigh is one of the most genetically gifted women I know because she looks like we are told women are supposed to look like, naturally.

She won the genetic lottery.

I’m sure if you asked her she would tell you there are things she doesn’t like about her appearance but I’m guessing she doesn’t know what it feels like to look totally wrong/ totally counter to what society tell us woman ‘should’ look like.

Her Hive magazine feature, which she posted on Facebook, is about being fashionable when you are pregnant. Ashleigh has long been singled-out as a fashion/style expert.

If you are a stick then your body lends itself way more to fashion, because fashion is created for sticks. I often wonder if these ‘style icons’ fall into being style icons because its easier for them to wear clothes. If you are short and curvy you have to hunt far and wide for clothes that ‘work’ on you; its not so easy to rock all kinds of trends.

And how about a world where pregnant women don’t have to look extremely fashionable? Or, if you believe they should wear great outfits, how about these types of features about stylish pregnant women celebrate a wide range of pregnant body-types? None of my other gorgeous, great-dressing non-stick pregnant friends have ever been asked to be in a ‘fashion-feature,’ coincidence?

The line from her article:”confidence is key” annoys me to no end. Again, she is a lovely girl but if I was pregnant at a party, and pregnant Ashleigh showed up rocking pumps, a mini skirt and stick-thin cellulite-free legs, instantly, I wouldn’t feel very confident because she would be meeting the “criteria” put forward by the media for what is “beautiful and hot” while pregnant and I would not.

The more attention Ashleigh gets for her ability to look good in clothes (pregnant or not) while at the same time we aren’t seeing an equal amount of coverage of other body-types being celebrated, the more we are stuck in the same damn place: a world where one type of girl/woman is being celebrated and the rest are made to feel inadequate.

(My point is not that Ashleigh shouldn’t be celebrated: She is gorgeous, a nice person, a good friend and mom. My point is simply that we need to see more variety so the standard for what looks good changes.)



One thought on “HOT Pregnant Girls

  1. Once again, I totally hear you. We are definitely on the same page. I no longer feel resentment towards women like Ashleigh because she can’t help her genetic blueprint no more than I can help mine. Ashleigh seems to be just being herself, and that’s fine. Her message doesn’t resonate with me, so I won’t pay it any mind. The video you made, however, is much more powerful than any photo spread or fashion thing Ashleigh might do. My resentment goes to the fashion editors and designers. I feel they’re the ones with the power to change society’s perceptions. Women like you and I have the power to change perceptions, too. It’s just going to be harder for us because we don’t fit the “perfection” mold. Maybe other women will read our blogs and learn from what we know and learn. I’m happy to be on the side of things you and I seem to be on rather than the Ashleigh side. I want to help women feel better about themselves, not worse because I’m putting myself out there as “perfection.” The bottom line is ALL women need to feel comfortable in their own skin and love who they are (I’m trying to learn this with the help of my therapist and nutritionist. IT’S HARD!!). If we do, women like Ashleigh won’t faze us. “Who cares what Ashleigh looks like? I feel great about myself and I’m going to have a cheeseburger and fries for lunch.” Wouldn’t that be great? I wonder what Ashleigh eats for lunch? (Please don’t say cheeseburgers and fries…) ;o) And poor Ashleigh…she’s taken a beating here this morning. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and I don’t wish her ill in any way.

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